3 Ways To Minimize STRESS On Your Wedding Day
From a photographer’s perspective

Wedding photographers attend these “once in a lifetime” days for a living. We are there with you from beginning to end, not only to be your photographer, but to be a friend and a helping hand. I’ve witnessed first-hand all the behind-the-scenes actions that take place to make weddings happen- and the stress that comes with it. I haven’t personally planned a wedding, but I’ve come to realize a few things that make a world of a difference when carefully planned out. If your're feeling a bit overwhelmed for the big day, this ones for you girl. I promise it will help.

The first, MOST IMPORTANT tip- The Itinerary
Whether or not you have an itinerary of the day to share with everyone could make or break your wedding… An organized schedule is more often than not the difference between “the wedding of your dreams” and the day you can’t wait to be over with.  Staying on a planned out schedule helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and the day goes smoothly. Also- It is considered straight up gold to your photographer! We know where we need to be and WHEN, and we help keep you on track and on time so that all group photos, family photos, and wedding party photos are taken relaxed and stress free. It’s important to me to go a little into detail on this subject because the itinerary is where you make TIME for your photos on your wedding day. If you have a list of requested photographs for your photographer, schedule some buffer time into that part of the day to ensure you don’t miss any shots on your list- and that taking photos with your loved ones is a fun, genuine time and NOT rushed. I recommend taking bridal portraits as soon as your done getting ready- and then going into pictures with your bridesmaids.

When making an itinerary- base it off where you have to be and when. The earlier you start getting ready with your girls, the better. It’s also helpful to include any important phone numbers and addresses.

Prepare your bridesmaids
You’re wedding day should be the day you get to relax and soak up every moment. Make sure your bridesmaids are updated and prepared for the wedding that way they can cater to YOU, and not the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, the bride is the boss- if she’s happy, so is everyone else. But the bride shouldn’t be the only one running the show and doing all the work. During a meetup with your bridal party- explain your vision of how you want the day to go and what your expectations are. Assign tasks!!! Each girl knows what they are responsible for and when things need done on the big day, people aren’t constantly coming to you for assistance. The more your girls know, the more they can take stress of you to ensure your day is perfect.
Last but not least, exchange a gift or hand written note..
Have someone deliver it to you and take 10 mins to yourself, no interruptions to enjoy your gift/note. Maybe have just your mother and maid of honor in the room if you don’t want to be by yourself. But take this time to relax and reflect! 
Too many times, because of getting off schedule, a bride goes right into the ceremony from craziness. To me, it’s super special to have that gift from your sweetheart anyway, and it’s a chance to calm your nerves and go into the ceremony calm and ready.

I hope these tips help you and if they did, I'd love to know! Thanks for reading.(:

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