I can tell you that I definitely did not expect this coming into 2020. I know it’s been a stressful and confusing time for a lot of people, especially brides and grooms who planned on getting married this spring. I feel for you!!! The coronavirus has affected so many aspects of our lives, and unfortunately, it’s affecting some of the biggest days of our lives as well. Some hard decisions may have to be made, but I encourage you to take a deep breath, and remember that we are all in this together!!!

Wedding Planning Tips During Covid 19

NUMBER ONE: Stay in regular communication with your team of vendors
What is your venue doing to accommodate brides and grooms who may have to make changes to their wedding due to covid19? Does your photographer have dates open for plan B? The more you stay in communication, the easier it will be for you to get your game plan back on track. Don’t put off reaching out and asking questions to your vendor team. Chances are, their calendars are filling up fast for fall dates and 2021 with people postponing their summer dates till later. You can make necessary changes now by being in the know and communicating with your hired team.

NUMBER TWO: Don’t be afraid to postpone- This does not mean cancelling!
I know just the thought seems stressful and might make you want to pull your hair out, BUT brides & grooms all over are currently rebooking for the later half of the year. Talk to your vendors and see what dates they have available in case this were to happen in your case. I’ve seen the cutest “Change the Date” cards and ideas on how to make the best of the situation. If you end up having to post pone your date, you are not the only one. Postponing is way better than cancelling especially if you have already paid multiple deposits! I am currently working with couples to change to a later date free of charge! Since all of this has been totally unexpected- reach out and see what vendors are willing to work with you.

this too shall pass

NUMBER THREE: . Stay positive. Its okay to be emotional and sad. You've put so much time and thought into planning this big day- but try to stay focused on the bigger picture. You will get to have your wedding and celebration with loved ones. It just might not be as soon as you expected. Take this extra time to focus on what really matters. Since wedding planning can already be stressful, focus on keeping your relationship healthy- planning a wedding is planning a lifetime. 

NUMBER FOUR: Talk to your guests. Tell them what your plans are and communicate any back up dates to make sure they can still attend. Let them know that you are doing your best to make a decision that is best for everyone. They will be supportive and you may end  up receiving the encouragement that you needed! Let your family and friends know if you need anything.

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