At the end of 2016, I wrote in my journal what my visions and goals were for the upcoming year. I knew that for the time being, I didn't want to go back to college, but instead I wanted to really dive head first into building a photography business. I was going to photograph any and every friend that would let me, and I didn't want anything taking focus away from that. My plan was to put all my time and energy into it and see how far I could get in a year.
January of 2017 rolled around and I came across an article that has stuck with me ever since. The article read, "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.."
It's a lot like saying "Great things never came from comfort zones," but this one really puts it into an action perspective. Now it's like, I'm nervous to go up and talk to someone and I tell myself, "Adrienne, get uncomfortable." It's amazing how that one sentence now constantly shows up in my mind. But it's some of the truest words I could ever live by.
Within a week of reading that article, a friend who knew about me starting up my business asked me to shoot her wedding. I was blown away. My initial thought was, "ME?! She knows I've never done this before right?" I started thinking, like, this is something she's probably dreamed about since she was a little girl... I don't want to let her down. And thennnnn, I remembered the article. After reading it, I literally wrote in my journal,
"I know I was meant to read this because I want to achieve a lot this year in photography. Ill remember it when I'm given the opportunity to do something I've never done and feel nervous about it. "
You can probably guess what my next thought was. "... I HAVE to do this." I knew it could potentially be the best decision I ever made. And it was. I was offered my first two weddings in that month alone - Which ended up BOTH being in June- a week apart. I knew I had plenty of time to prepare and that I was going to work incredibly hard to be confident going into those weddings. And I did it. 
With those photos, I made amazing connections, built a portfolio, put my business on google, and printed my first photos.... Getting uncomfortable forced me to GROW, but first, I just had to START. I photographed 3 weddings total last year, which was HUGE for me. Now I'll be going from 3 weddings in a year, to 3 weddings in a month next month in October. How amazed I am but oh so thankful and ready to push myself to new levels in my business!!
This post isn't meant to scream, "Look at me!" But I know that anyone can benefit from this mindset in their life, even if their life has nothing to do with shooting weddings... Sometimes we need to be reminded to reach out of our comfort zone. Do something you've never done or have been scared to do... Always take an opportunity to learn and grow. Reach out and talk to people in order to grow your network... take a class you have always wanted to take.. learn a skill that interests you.. expand your horizons because there is always more... So shoot for more. I highly doubt you could regret it.   
I felt that it was so important to share the tiny, most simple sentence that changed the game for me because I know it could potentially do the same for others as well who take it seriously. 
Here's the 7 tips the article listed to help you start feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable..

1. START- Half the battle is won when you just show up.
2. DON'T QUIT- Things will get difficult but remember why you started and push forward.
4. EMBRACE THE SUCK- You are building your mental and physical toughness points. If you suck at first, it'll make for a great story when you're winning.
5. BE AROUND LIKE MINDED PEOPLE- Create your support network
6. RECOGNIZE YOUR IMPROVEMENTS- Track your improvements and revel in it!

check out the exact article I read HERE.
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