Gosh, ask me why I'm so passionate about what I do and I'll point to these photos right here. Such a MAGICAL evening this was!!!!.. 
(insert heart eyes here.) 
What seemed to be any ole holiday session with two sweethearts- turned out to be the most beautiful proposal that I'm still overjoyed I got to be apart of. 
When Landon approached me a couple of weeks ago with the idea to surprise Bre during a photoshoot, I was immediately sold. We met up over coffee, exchanged ideas, came up with a plan, and cautiously texted/called one another up until the shoot. I loved the fact that Landon wanted to propose to her at his apartment... "How cute would it be to take photos in front of our tree??" turned into "Will you marry me?" 
Bre had absolutely no idea what was in the works when I casually mentioned a photo shoot to her knowing she would want to! I am so thankful how perfect and smooth everything went- she was completely amazed at how well we pulled it off!! She had no idea!! …..and now, THESE TWO ARE GETTING MARRIED!! AHHH!! I am so happy for you Landon and Bre- you are both one of a kind & I'm so glad to know you. Your love shines incredibly bright. 
And so the most exciting chapter yet, begins.
(scroll down to see the proposal)
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