Hey, I'm so glad you're here!! During this pandemic going on around the world, many people have had to make the transition to working from home, rather than their usual work spaces. For some of us, this is our normal- but for many, it's not. 
Working from home has so many perks like being in the comfort of your own home, being your own boss, making a snack whenever you want (I have a snacking problem), no annoying coworkers or being told what to do, and so on. However making this transition- and feeling accomplished at the end of each day is not easy. Working from home can be filled with many distractions, but below, I'm going to list my tips for how to stay productive and build a routine that's effective for you and your work. 

1. Developing a morning self care routine (that doesn't involve your phone if possible) For me personally- I know this was something that I never got to do when I worked early mornings at the coffee shop. I never got up earlier than I needed and was always rushing out the door. After going full time and becoming my own boss, it took quite a while to get a morning routine in place- and I've constantly made changes. Regardless, before you dive into any work while working from home- set yourself up for success in the morning. A quick shower, a cup of coffee, some good music, 15/20 minutes reading a devotional, even some stretching to help your body wake up. Another great tip for the morning- if you don't shower, at least change out of your pajamas. This is like a way of transitioning your mind from sleepy mode into getting-ready-for-the-day mode.

2. Take an hour of the morning to get any house work done. It can be so easy to get distracted when working in your house- and a lot of that distraction can be, well your house. I’ve found that I am able to focus on my work way better after doing this, so that I’m not remembering all the laundry I need to do in the midst of editing photos.... Or that messy kitchen isn’t staring me down while checking emails. Get this done first!

3. Map out your day the night before-This tip is especially for those who are always making lists. ( ......@me) We just work better when we have a list in front of us to knock out. I love waking up with a plan in mind rather than not being sure of what I am going to do or what exactly I need to get done that day. I like to wake up with intention- it helps me focus. Set some goals for yourself (work and personal related) and schedule out how much time you're giving yourself and when you are going to do it. 

4.Take breaks! Walk your dog, get some sun in the backyard, make a healthy snack, do a quick home workout. (This is so important to stay active, especially during this time!) I find that I usually always feel refreshed after taking a break- and I'm able to continue with my work better this way. Especially working on a computer- our eyes need a break too.

5. Be your own boss! Take breaks but don’t let yourself get caught up in mindless scrolling or Netflix for 2 hours. Being self employed, I often have to make up “deadlines” for myself or be my own boss and not get caught up doing something I wouldn’t do at a corporate office job. Treat your work at home with the same level of importance as you would anywhere else. Being my own boss can be hard, but it's also so simple- and productive day makes me feel so accomplished!

6. Put your phone away and out of sight for a designated hour (or however long you can, along with any other distractions) and use this time as a “power hour.” Knock out that one thing you still haven’t finished, or in my case, power through some editing!! I try to be heavily focused during this time and remove any distractions. I've also put in some headphones and actually made it into a challenge for myself. "I bet I can edit the rest of this gallery in the next hour.." 

7. Have a designated workspace. Or make one- just not your bed or the couch. When you sit down at this spot, your brain should switch to work mode. It’s not so easy to do this in a spot where your mind & body usually relaxes. Designate a spot - make it cute, grab some gogo juice, and get to work.

8. During this time at home- read some good books. In my case, I love reading personal growth / motivational books. I feel like they help me reaffirm positive mindsets and attitudes in my life that carry over into my work. Whatever you like, pick up a good book during a break from work. 

I hope this list was helpful- these things are what have helped me personally and can be guidelines for you as well!! If you read this, shoot me a quick message! I'd love to hear from you.(:


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